Saturday, July 25, 2009


Pages from my old journal that I finally managed to scan.
Click on the image for detail.

The beautiful view of the Himalyas we ultimately climbed with 700 monks, from Bhan's house in Kullu.

An old tree in Mussoorie that we stopped next to while buying Litchis for our trip.

A list of odds and ends, and a curiously shaped leaf that I found that looked so much like the nymphs in The Spiderwick Chorinicles.

Remnants of paste-papers, waxed linen and a few thoughts sitting on a hillside in

'The Masks I Wear'
The side-effects of working on a rotational Artists' Book at Still Water Bindery in Vermont.

In Mussoorie, sitting in Kal-Sang with a bowl of hot soup in the pouring rain. A man passes by with a black umbrella, carrying a small trunk saying 'Body Massage'.

Sitting in an old old Fir forest in Old Manali. A work in progress of the endless trees that surrounded me.

a page on my day at the incredible awe-some and mind boggling Huntington Library in LA, followed by the extremely strong and thought-provoking trip to the Sequoia National Park. It was life altering experience. I will never forget it, and I hope I have another opportunity to repeat it.

The book-binding begins. As do the visual intruction to burn the steps into my brain.

Thinking about the anatomy of the human heart after going to the Bodies exhibit, and about how love is in the mind.

The old fir tree at the lake house in Vermont. Peaceful.

The pines of Kasauli.

A page from a comic strip I made for a friend having a bad

Colourful paper scraps and more lists!

Sitting in the Boston Common with a hot chocolate and doughnut after a mentally exhausting trip to the Museum of Modern Art, where I saw exquisite pieces of Art Nouveau jewelery.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My books are going to be on display at this event in
Bangalore on the
24th & 25th!
Please visit the stall!