Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring Fair!

The Spring Fair was held at the Australian High Commissioner's Residence. It is a fund-raiser for Delhi-based NGO Jan Madhyam. Check out the amazing work they do here. A few friend's and I put up a stall and sold some of the various products we've been working on.

The spectacular puppet parade by Jan Madhyam!

The stall

Yes - Studio Chalk.

The T-shirt is ready! Available in Black, Red and Green at Rs. 350/- each. E-mail me to order!

My books displayed in a generously donated beautiful old shelf.

Beautiful postcards by Anjora. She also sold some beautiful stamps along with them.

Mail-a-Plant by my amazing paper buddy Yasmin.

Magnetic poetry that sold like hot cakes

Magnetic pixels that sold like hotter cakes

Another one of the wonderful products by Yasmin. A magnetic butterfly that can be clipped on to any surface.

Workshop at CMYK

A wonderful space above CMYK that has recently been converted into a cafe was where we held the workshop.

A surprising number of people showed up, that made the whole thing a whole lot more fun!

Here is a picture of the instructions of one of the bindings we did. Sewn Chains, in a book by Keith Smith.

Click to enlarge.