Thursday, November 12, 2015

Friends of Dard Hunter Conference, Banff, Canada

The Friends of Dard Hunter Conference this year was at Banff in Alberta, Canada. The location was the Banff Center that was in the middle (at least thats what it seemed like) of the mountains! It was hard to focus on the excellent presentations because of the generous ceiling-to-floor windows that were in every room.

I presented on Auroville Papers: An Innovation in Paper in India. I spoke about their excellent system for water filtration, and of course their work model, and beautiful paper products.

It was hard to focus on the actual presentation, because this is what I was looking out at!

I also gave a demonstration of Islamic World Papermaking, which I have been researching for some time now. Attendees were extremely interested in the process and the end results.

I had a table with various paper samples laid out. The two dark coloured papers you see are made by Mohammed Hussain Kagzi. He sells these traditionally made papers through his website
 as well as through this website. I also had on display, papers from my research based on traditional methods of fermenting hemp fibers for sheet formation. 

After two full back-to-back days of programming, I took a road trip with a couple of friends through Banff, and into British Colombia. Here is some beautiful frosted grass before the sun melted it away.

Here is the crystal clear Lake Louise.

The blue of this water was just remarkable... well as the simply the grand scale of all the nature around us that day.