Thursday, October 14, 2010

Other Adventures

The last few weeks have been spent traveling. We've been from Ithaca - DC - NY - Boston - NY - Savannah, GA - Statesboro, GA - Atlanta - New Orleans - DC. Phew!

The beautiful location of Alicia and Jonah's wedding in Ithaca.

Camping in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The whole town smells like Chocolate. Not.

The H Street Festival. The Heaven and Hell Car.

I'm guessing the theme of this car was 'Hands'

I could be wrong...

Times Square. It was exhausting to look at.

I had the good fortune to be able to stay one night at Beatrice's amazing apartment. This was the view.

She had some amazing paper cuts all over her walls.

This one was tiny. It had been cut with scissors!

This one had been cut by one her friends in Japan.


Sigh...And so the southern leg of my journey begins.

The trees in Savannah are beautiful. They all have this amazing moss flowing down from their branches, like hair.
Gives them an eerie quality.

The squares are beautiful too and full of massive old Oaks.

The sunset at a beach was a dream...

A shadowmark by Dard Hunter at the Robert C. Williams Paper Museum at Atlanta.
A well-maintained and extensive collection.

The paper curtain caught my eye.


The huge trees in the Big Easy.

Not too many pickpockets, or loose woman for that matter.

But alcohol, lots of alcohol.

And policemen on horses.