Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Florida: Paper Tour Stop 1, 2 and 3

I just returned from a wonderfully exhausting trip to Florida! I traveled there to teach, lecture and demonstrate Islamic-world papermaking techniques at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Ringling College of Art+Design in Sarasota, and the Jaffe Center for Book Arts at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton.
After the lecture and demo at University of Florida, I showed a few examples of paper made by Mohammed Hussain Kagzi, as well as some of my own naturally dyed samples which I recently developed. Logwoodm cochineal, black tea and yellow onion were some of the dyes that I used with and without mordants.


The class was held in the art department's printmaking area, adjacent to the letterpress print studio that is run by the wonderful Ellen Knudson. The students were engaged and interested throughout, which made teaching them a real joy.

Ellen Knudson's paper patterned beautifully with logwood and tea dyes.

The next stop was Ringling College of Art+Design in Sarasota, which has a small,  and beautifully organized space run by Bridget Elmer. It made me wish I lived there!

The lecture was followed by a demonstration outside the printmaking department, after which a couple of attendees got to try their hand at papermaking.

There was some time to visit with a friend and take in the beauty of a tropical environment. Made me really miss home.


The last stop was the Jaffe Center for Book Arts which operates under Florida Atlantic University. They have a great, well-lit paper studio, with a space to work outdoors, which was perfect for this class, and for the weather. Hats off to John Cutrone who single-handedly manages this space, as well as the Jaffe Collection at the library.

John generously donated Brazilwood dye for the class, a substantive dye which requires no mordant. The colours turned out beautifully!