Thursday, December 31, 2009

Immanence to transcendence

Yuri Lochan's work took my breath away, the minute I got her invite in the mail. I cut it up immediately and got it ready for a coptic. It was such great fun and so satisfying to see her work in the form of a book. The inside of the invite had another art-work printed on it. I used it to make an inset on the inside of the front cover.
She loved it when I finally presented it to her on the opening night. She uses gold leafing in her work, and most of her paintings are done in sections, pieced together as a whole. The expressions on all the human forms in her work are mesmerizing.

The art-work/invite.

The spine.

A detail of the spine.

The inset. Front and back covers were covered with Midnight Blue Handmade paper from Tara DA.

The book, open to the first page.

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