Sunday, May 2, 2010

Book-binding 101 at Srishti

I had one week each with each batch of Visual Communication Design. During this week, we covered the basics of binding - ranging from an introduction to the tools, how to use tools, presentations on the structural evolution of the book, the definition of a book; to simple bindings - 3-hole, 5-hole and moving on to accordions, case bindings, stab bindings and simple one signature exposed sewings
On the last day, students had time to work on their personal projects. It could be anything, as long as it had the ability to contain information, fell into a structure, and utilized the basics that were taught on the first two days. Some even made edible books which turned out great and were fun to make!

The junior VC batch. A mostly enthusiastic batch of 20

A blue workspace

Measuring out paper for the cover of the Stab bound album

Drilling through the entire book

A case-bound in progress

Edible book #1 made with rotis, a breadstick, and mint stalks

Edible book #1 open

Edible book #2 made with bread, power boiled maggi, gems, jam, chocolate....ahem

Varun & Mimansa eating their creation

Edible book #3 made with alot of unknown ingredients - there is definitely caramel, cinnamon, flax seeds and chocolate though

oh, and power boiled noodles

anda type of tortilla...?

Paru and Diya eating their book

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