Sunday, February 6, 2011

Open Elective 2011, NID, Ahmadabad

I was invited to teach at the NID Open Electives this January. It was great fun. A class of 13 students over a span of two weeks and 15 book structures. It was an enormous learning experience and the work that evolved through the course and the final presentation that the students put up was really inspiring.

Day One : Pamphlet bindings and Accordions.

Amrita working away at her books.

Within chaos, there is order. I promise.

Akanksha looking zonked!

There was actually time to take a morning heritage tour of the city one Sunday.

I am not a morning person. The walk began here and I do not remember what this picture is of.

The idea for the final presentation being fleshed out by the students.

A sign showing all the various steps for making paper at the Gandhi Ashram.

Not quite the vatman's shake, more like the vatman's hand-shake.

A sheet of muslin being laid on directly onto the mould before couching.

Delicious drying paper.

Pranav of CEPT demonstrating sheet forming. You can read more about Pranav's efforts here.

Yogita about to pull a sheet of paper.

One of the kakas watching over the progress. It was a pleasure to see all of the kakas of the printing lab get involved and enthusiastic about the bindings - especially the Long Stitch!

Some of the books on display.

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  1. Thanks for taking the workshop, it was so much fun!! O! :)