Monday, April 4, 2011


Teaching at Srishti for a month this time around with my friend, Yasmin. The class was an interesting mix and seeing their work emerge and skills develop through the course was amazing. Their final projects were incredible, and they were a real pleasure to teach!

Bookbinders in the making

Ragini working on a prototype for the final piece.

Rajasee folding paper!

Alagu, Ragini and Rajasee's final project, made as part of the set for
their upcoming play written by Rajasee.
More on their project,

A collapsable origami book lamp.

A funky luminaire by Tanvee.

Exploration on sound made by paper by Boris.

Packaging for eggplants by Pratyush.

A lion's mask by Tanvee for their upcoming play.

Ankita and Shankhalina working on their paper dress.

Detail of the toilet paper flower.

An intricately cut 4 page book-lamp by Pratyush.

Folded paper aircraft by Abrar.

'Paper Remembers' : An installation by the Foundation students after my one day workshop with them.

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  1. veii interesting work...put more pictures of installation by foundation students! :)