Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fall 2011 : Bookbinding

Now that the winter break has begun I finally have some time to update this blog with all the work I've been up to this fall. The following are what I made in Bookbinding with Julie C. Smith.


Hardcover pamphlets

The cover isn't paper, its highly starched cloth from what I understand. The pamphlet is stitched with a cloth spine using a 3-hole binding

The boards are covered separately and adhered to the cloth and a paste down is adhered to the inside of the boards to cover the hinge. This particular one was a double pamphlet - considerably more fussy than the single pamphlet


Non-adhesive binding using paste papers made on maps

Blue. Like the ocean.

The next two were in particular to practice splicing two or three separate pieces together.
Not an easy task

Greens. Like in a plant.

Single Needle Links


Quick bindings and pleasing to look at

Slotted Tape bindings

Cover made using Cave paper's Layered Indigo Night

Punch holes and tipped in a lighter piece of paper inside the cover turn-in

Screen printed paper used for the endsheets inside this book, complimented by a forest green

Hardcover single section case binding

Similar to the hardcover pamphlets, these are hinged on cloth spines

The cases are made separately and then hinged onto the cloth spine, the paste downs attached separately

Alot of work for a single section, but it is a great structure for a chapbook

Case Bindings

Full cloth binding

Tipped on endsheets

Creating a slight depression in the cover for an inset


Quarter cloth binding. Cloth spine and screen printed Japanese wave pattern

Sewn on endsheets

The gold is dull and catches the light to reveal a slight shine

The cloth is a yellow-gold with matching endbands

Quarter cloth binding using book cloth and screen printed cherry blossoms!

With red endbands

Tipped on endsheets

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