Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fall 2011 : Letterpress

Letterpress, conducted by Sara Langworthy was a really great course.
The first few projects were simple with an increasing number of runs and colours on the press. The last project, documented the most heavily consisted of a total of 8 runs, which I brought down to 7, of which 6 are posted below.
The final project is part of a series of books called the 'Book of Trees'. The first of the series that is being worked on is on the Fir Tree. Projects 4 & 5 were treated as layout mock-ups for the final book.

Tied type

Project 2: Word and definition
f.h.b. : Family Hold Back

Project 3 : Broadside
Golden Spruce

Carving the block

Carving the branch of the cone on the resingrave block

Proofing the resingrave block

Resingrave, Linoleum, Polymer plate using a scratch negative and Polymer plate using rubylith

Proofing the various images

A series of mock-ups were developed before the final layout was decided

The final layout

Final mock-up

Linoleum block locked in place

Run 3

Map of run 4

Resingrave inked up

Run 4

Run 5 : Polymer plates

Setting the 100 pica line for the last run.
Can you spot the magnets holding the type in place?


It was a looong line!

Final run on press locked and ready to roll. Adding the captions to the run was a last minute idea - which cost me 4 hours

Map of final run

Final run ready to roll

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